Salvi Vivancos
Suffering Photography


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During aproximately ten years I am involved in contemporary art there are two separated periods. In the first one my work is dependant on the camera. It is during the second one where I get in touch with many different artistic disciplines. As a consecuence I start approaching photography from others points of view.

My first series are about my family life, as an example “Velo” or “1/365”. My personal interest about daily grew to my closest enviroment within I work since. Another project “Distrito” won La Caixa Foundation´s Fotopres´07.

From that moment on my interests are diverse. Between 2007 and 2011 I drove a public art intervention festival, a social and cultural program with actions and education the whole year. With photography as a reference (archives) I make some interventions, “Al-buahayrat” is part of Manifesta 8 program in 2010. The same year I found a handmade laboratory of cinema, a project in colaboration with FAC Montevideo.

These activities are combined with experimental cinema or photography workshops and conferences, the lastest during 2012 in Murcia University, MURAM Cartagena, CENDEAC, Cidade da Cultura in Santiago de Compostela and Off Limits Madrid.

Now I am working mainly in three projects, “Celuloids Memories” , a film archives research whose aim is to rescue filmed memory from my region to make it accesible. A project with the support of CENDEAC and the Regional Film Archive. 

Another project is “Mar Menor, territorial ocuppation in the last hundred years” photographs taken in the last years in my own geographic area. These pictures have got a new value mixed with my latest discoveries of photographic and film archives. A life project open to cooperate with artists from other differents fields.

“Suffering photography” is the third project I am involved in, it questioned how image is been used at the present days. I establish a parallelism between the beginnig of photography history and now. The result are images that break photographic portrait pose and subvert technology.

 “Rear-View” is the title under I group all those projects about memory that I am working on. A way to look forward keeping an eye on the past. A platform from my studio in Cartagena (the spanish eldest city) get in contact history contained in image archives with citizenship. 

My photographic studies began with a variety of courses in Ingland. I have studied photography at Miguel Hernandez University and also attended several artist workshops: photography, preservation, cinema, public art intervention… At the moment I am studing a degree in Art History.